Who AM I?


A man, a myth, a legend and a mystery. Many know me as Jaxx from the fighting game and anime communities.  I help organize and run the second largest fighting game tournament in the United States, Final Round.

  However, my main passion is making people move their feet, and groove to a litany of fresh Drum & Bass, the genre that I love near and dear to my heart.  The music changed me, so now I create the music that rocked my soul.

For bookings, and other inquiries: spiralus@spiralpowered.net

Photos by Estee ARIE Photography, Cannon Capturing, Shinob-e, Chris Bahn


News & Updates


The full promo album is available for listening now.  Also, a dream of mine is

to put this album on wax.  If you would like to help me get there, check

http://www.gofundme.com/spiralus to continue the wax movement.


This page is currently still being worked on, so I apologize for the mess.


Back from final round, refreshed up, and album is coming along great.  Submitting albums for CD production soon!


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Spiralus Major

by Spiralus


Coming soon to digital retailers near you.